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SmartEcomSEO uses the power of ChatGPT, Semrush, and SurferSEO to reverse engineer the Google SERPS and write articles that actually rank. We research, write, and publish 40 articles on your site every month, totally hands off.

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Our Values: Bias for Action, Speed is King, and Continuous Improvement


What you get with SmartEcomSEO

Master Google Rankings with Our SEO Avalanche Strategy

Our tailored content approach builds trust with Google, boosting your site's rankings without relying on backlinks.

Completely Hands Off

We handle everything: research, content creation, publication, and indexing, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Massive Savings Over Human Writers. Consistent, Better Results

Our SEO-optimized content, designed for both humans and search engines, consistently delivers better results at a lower price than traditional copywriters.

Outrank your Competition

Outrank and outperform your competitors with our powerful strategies.

Shopify Gurus at Your Service

Having built and scaled 15+ Shopify sites with millions in sales, we know the ins and outs of the platform, and how to overcome its unique challenges.

Open Communication and Full Transparency

Enjoy direct access to our team via Slack and monthly strategy calls for clear communication and comprehensive support.

Why Hire SmartEcomSEO

We bring more than 10 years of Digital Marketing and Ecom Experience.

We use these exact strategies to rank our own network of Shopify sites. Our CEO, Zack Franklin, is regularly featured at the top ecommerce and marketing conferences in the world.

Free up your time to focus on what you do best.

You know you need to be doing SEO, but your time is best spent doing the core tasks of your business. We handle your content marketing so you can focus on what you do best.

A Proven Process

ChatGPT is just a tool, but it's how you use it that matters. We do deep research into your niche to find the keywords that your brand will rank for and benefit most, and structure the content to help you win for that keyword. We use the same processes the top SEOs in the world use for their own sites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much content can I order monthly?

We recommend 40 articles a month for the best result. Our minimum plans are 20 articles a month, and we can scale to the moon and provide hundreds of articles a month, but we wouldn't recommend that much content for a single site.

Does Google Penalize AI Generated Content?

Google released their official policy on AI Generated content, and it's good news - their stance is that they are rewarding high quality content, no matter how you produce it, giving Business Owners and SEOs the green light to go ahead with AI content.

Can you upload the content to my Shopify/Wordpress/Bigcommerce/Etc site?

We have experience with dozens of different web platforms and can upload the content on a weekly basis. We also provide suggestions for Schema, and we also provide images from Midjourney for the posts.

Can you also handle Backlinks or other areas of SEO?

We work with several partner agencies that we can refer you to for HARO outreach, PR, Guest Posts, and other forms of backlink acquisition.

Do I need to commit to X months?

We bill month to month with no lock in. Try us out risk free.

What is included with each article?

We provide a suggested URL, attention grabbing title, SEO optimized Meta Description, Original Midjourney Featured Image, 800-2000 words of content, and we optimize the links to other pages on your site. We upload it and also submit for indexing in your Google and Bing Search Consoles.

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