We do one thing really really well.

Shopify SEO Services!

We outwork and outrank lazy marketing agencies and rank you page one for keywords that actually make you money.

What does Google Want?
Look on Page One!

SEO Isn't a Mystery. Look on the first page of Google and you'll see EXACTLY what Google rewards and ranks for any keyword.

We reverse engineer what ranks, and then build content that wins the top spot.

For years SEO didn't make sense to me, but once I heard that, it clicked.

Here's something else that made things click - Shopify SEO is MORE than just your blog!

Here's How To Turn One Product Into Thousands of Keywords and Your Collection Pages Into Money Machines!

Shopify sites are leaving insane amounts of money on table.

The secret to revenue focused SEO is creating hundreds of optimized pages targeting the Bottom of the Funnel.

Here's an Example. A sofa (104,000/mo USA searches) isn't simply a sofa. It's also a:

Sofa Bed (83,000 monthly searches)
Couch (104,000 monthly searches)
Sleeper Sofa (73,000 monthly searches)
Sectional Sofa (46,000 monthly searches)
Leather Sofa (20,000 monthly searches)
Small Sectional Sofa (17,000 monthly searches)
Chesterfield Sofa (9,800 monthly searches)

There are more than 234,723 keywords containing the word sofa, totaling 4,500,000 searches a MONTH.

These are buyer intent, product focused keywords and ranking on these keywords can make you SERIOUS money..

If you want to rank, you need to make an optimized COLLECTION page on Shopify for each Keyword.

So What's Your Blog For?

Yes, you still need a blog in 2024!

1. Capture More Traffic with TOFU Keywords

Your site has untapped potential. Target top-of-funnel keywords to pull in early-stage browsers. More visitors? More chances to convert.

2. Earn Quality Backlinks

Great blogs attract quality backlinks like magnets. These are gold for boosting your site’s credibility and search ranking.

3. Boost Your SEO with Smart Internal Linking

Link your blog posts to product pages and collection pages to improve site navigation and SEO. It’s a simple way to keep visitors engaged and help search engines find you.

4. Turn Readers into Buyers

Use your blog to address common questions and highlight key benefits of your products. Educate, engage, and convert your audience by helping them make informed decisions.

5. Build Your Authority

Cover every angle of your niche. The more thorough your content, the more Google—and your customers—see you as the go-to expert.

If you turn off your ads... are you still making money?

If your answer is no, you definitely need SEO.

I've been a paid traffic guy for the last decade. You and I both see skyrocketing CPC's, attribution headaches, and more and more competition.

The main difference between running ads and investing in SEO is this: if I stop doing SEO tomorrow, my clients are STILL going to make money every single day.

Our top client is making an extra $100,000 a month from the work we did. We could stop today and they'll still make an extra million next year from the work we've done.

SEO brings predictability, stability, growth, and peace of mind.

So What Do We Do For You?

Truly Done For You Shopify SEO - Just Pay The Invoice

We look at your Shopify reports every week. We know if you have a new product, what your best sellers are, and how much inventory you have. We study your products.
Here's our Standard Plan.

1. Keyword Research

We spend more than 10 hours on KWR every month for your brand - we go through all your competitor sites, your supplier's sites and many KW tools to get a list of 10,000. Then we narrow it down 4 more times to get the 60 we're going to focus on for that month.

2. 100,000 Words of Content - 30 Articles

Not a typo. We publish every month what used to take a team of 10 people an entire year.

Our content is AI Drafted, Human Edited. It's content you'd be proud to have on your site.

3. 30 "Money" Pages

We create collection pages optimized for the keywords that will make you money.

4. Technical Fixes + Schema

Yep, we do this too. We spend more than 15 hours a month fixing your SEO foundation.

5. Internal Linking

We build anywhere from 500 to 3000 internal links every month to push everything on page 2 to page 1

6. Reporting

Reports that you'll actually look forward to reading. Read a sample report.

7. Featured Snippet Wins

Yep, we do this too. We spend more than 15 hours a month fixing your SEO foundation.

5. Existing Content Optimization

This is the quick win - we fix a lot of your existng pages to rank better.

6. Custom AI - RAG Chatbot

As a bonus, and to help us get to know your products, we make a custom verson of ChatGPT that knows everything about your brand and products.

Who will I be working with?

Hey, I'm Zack Franklin

Originally from Detroit, based for the last 8 years in Shenzhen, China. I've worked with hundreds of Amazon and Shopify brands and made them a lot of money.

Shenzhen is the global heart of the Ecommerce world, It's the factory of the world, and home to more than 600,000 Amazon Seller companies. Through living here, I've learned how to work at Shenzhen speed to get businesses unreal results in a fraction of the time compared to western marketing agencies.

I've had the pleasure of speaking about marketing, ecommerce, and artificial intelligence at more than 200 live events around the world, from Beijing to Bangkok to Barcelona.  

  • More than $3,000,000 in sales on my OWN Shopify Sites

  • Marketing and Operations Consultant for Chinese 9 Figure Amazon Companies

  • Beat 700 Chinese Employees to win the "Hardest Worker" award at my first Chinese company, Valuelink (Top 5 Chinese Amazon Seller)

Get in touch with us

Get a Free Mini Audit

If you're running a Shopify store doing at least $100,000 month, you're probably a good fit. Contact me today for a free mini audit

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Don’t take our word for it, take theirs

Real Clients and Real Results. Some testimonials have been translated from Chinese.

“Highly recommended”

In under two months, SESEO managed to set new records on our organic growth, and we now rank on more than 4000 new keywords. I'm really happy with the content, and that they handle the keyword research and publishing as well.

John Carter Avatar Circle Image - Agencia X Webflow Template
Danny McMillan
United Kingdom

“SESEO helped me get a $130,000 order!”

I sell expensive medical equipment and SESEO helped me rank for 7000 high value keywords in under two months. These rankings have unlocked massive increases in revenue and I sold a $130,000 unit from one of the keywords they took from page 3 to page 1.

John Carter Avatar Circle Image - Agencia X Webflow Template
Nick - High Ticket Dropshipping
Austin, Texas

“We are now the #1 in our Category”

Zack showed us how our main competitor was kicking our butt. In just 6 months, we not only are crushing our main competitor, but we crushed ALL our competitors. We are ranking on page 1 for every keyword in the industry. I told Zack to make us a case study.

Martin - Marketing Manager, Chinese Tech Brand
Shenzhen, China

“DR 12 to DR 35 in 90 Days”

Our site is much stronger now. We were invisible before, now we rank on page 1 of the main keyword in our niche with 74,000 searches a month. We are making more money, and we will soon be a market leader.

Willis - Marketing Manager
Shenzhen, China

“Zero to Hero”

We started with a fresh site, after a few months working with SESEO, the results are wild. Every day we get between 500-700 hit from Google. It would be a fortune to get the same traffic with ads.

John Carter Avatar Circle Image - Agencia X Webflow Template
Kyle S - Amazon Seller
New York

They Really Did Everything“

Working with them was really hands off. They did the research, made great articles, published them, and optimized the site. Our traffic and rankings went way up.



Does Google Penalize AI Generated Content?

Google released their official policy on AI Generated content, and it's good news - their stance is that they are rewarding high quality content, no matter how you produce it, giving Business Owners and SEOs the green light to go ahead with AI content. All of our content is AI drafted, Human edited. At least three people will read it (and fact check) before it goes live on site.

What Kind of Reporting Do You Do?

See a real report (names and identifying info removed) for a client here
We report on revenue, keyword positions, traffic, and impressions. We use Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Search Console, and Shopify for the data and write a report you'll love to read each month.

What do I need to provide if I'm a client?

You can be hands on or hands off. Once we get access to Shopify and Google Search Console, we typically take care of everything. We use Shopify reports to see what your best selling products are and support those first. We also check weekly to see if you have any new products that need promotion. We do the keyword research, writing, posting, indexing, and optimization. If you have special requests let us know.

Am I Locked In For a 3/6/12 Month Contract?

We only offer month to month contracts. You can cancel at any point until you get billed for the next month. We use Stripe subscriptions and you have access to your invoices and subscription info at all times through Stripe customer portal.

Can You Also Do Backlinks?

Yes, but it's not included in most plans. It is available at an extra cost. White Hat, Grey Hat, or Black Hat - let us know what you're comfortable with.

Do you take on Brand New Sites

Not really. We are looking for Shopify sites that do more than $100k/month and have a minimum DR (Domain Rating) of 20. Google throttles new sites, so it takes awhile for our work to show results.

Do you have an Affiliate/Referral Program?

Yep, send us a message for details.

How Many Word Is Each Article?

Typically between 1,500 and 3,500. We look at first page of Google and base it on what's ranking.

Still have questions?

Contact us!

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