Total Market Domination - $758,772.94 in Organic Revenue in 7 Months!

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Total Market Domination - $758,772.94 in Organic Revenue in 7 Months!


Shopify SEO


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Increase in Monthly Revenue
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Project overview

This client is a large Chinese brand focused on automotive accessories. They are primarily an Amazon seller but they realized the importance of SEO and wanted me to start ASAP.

They have only 30 products that are fairly similar.

The client had one goal: beat their number 1 competitor in every way.

Project execution

We got to work and found thousands of keywords that their products were a good match for.

By creating specific collection pages like "X for Motorcycles" "Car Security X" or "X for Semi Trucks" we were able to start ranking on these competitive keywords within the first month.

Our informational articles helped bring in top of funnel traffic and supported the collections. Then we did thousands of internal links to push these up.

We created more than 360 pages all together and hundreds of thousands of words of content.

The client didn't need to provide us anything except access to Shopify and Google Search Console.

We also fixed a lot of broken issues with their international SEO - a lot of issues with broken internal links and cannibalization.

Some positives for the client - they already had an ok link portfolio, sitting at a DR of 29. They weren't starting from a brand new site, and they were already running ads.

Project results

The traffic went from basically zero to almost 100,000 a month in the time we've been working together.

The client outranks all competitors for every keyword in the niche.

Shows the keyword overlap with the other top 3 brands in the niche. Our client in blue.

The traffic value, or the amount that the client would need to spend on PPC ads to get the same value as Organic SEO, is over $54,000 a month, or $600,000 a year.

The client made more than $768,000 in Organic Revenue from Google and other search engines like Bing, Brave, DuckDuckGo, etc.

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