Taking a Chinese Tech Brand to 1,000 Clicks a Day and over $150,000 in Organic Revenue

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Taking a Chinese Tech Brand to 1,000 Clicks a Day and over $150,000 in Organic Revenue


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Organic Revenue
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Project overview

This client had a tough situation. The site was a relatively new site, and wasn't ranking for much. It's an industrial/manufacturing hobbyist niche with some well funded and entrenched competitors. Even worse, the google search results were dominated by product packs, youtube packs, and more - pushing organic positions way down below the fold for most of the main keywords. It's really a winner take all competition.

Project execution

The client didn't have a large variety of products, but did cover enough that we were able to target dozens of important keywords right away and fix up existing content. The blog also needed some love since they only had a few posts up that had any traction.

The client was starting with a very weak link profile as well.

Overall, we built hundreds of new pages, fixed their foundational technical SEO and schema, and started to get the site move.

However, once we turned on the gas with links, the site started to DOUBLE every month.

The site started at a DR 12 and within 100 days we brought it to a DR 41.

Project results

The fun part - Client has made over $150,000 of Organic Revenue in the last 4 months, and it's increasing every month.

Bing has surprisingly generated more than $25,000 of that, so don't forget to apply for Bing Webmasters.

Client is ranking for 21,877 keywords and rapidly closing in on their #1 competitor. Within 2-3 months, they'll be able to catch up to the #1 Chinese company in the niche. This competitor has been around since 2006 and has venture capital, amazing that in under one year we will be able to take most of their positions and turn that into real results and revenue for our client.

Here's the KW Gap showing how close we are to overtaking the main competitor.

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